Code of Conduct

Tikkurila's Code of Conduct outlines the fundamental requirements for how we do business: our approach to professional business relations; conflicts of interest; the protection of company assets; fair competition; human rights and equality; health, safety and the environment, as well as trust and privacy.

The Code is about law and ethics. We expect every single Tikkurila employee and company representative as well as business partner to act in accordance with the requirements of the Tikkurila Code of Conduct.

  • We act in accordance with legislation and adhere to high ethical values as well as internationally acknowledged standards for human rights and labor practices in all markets where we operate. In addition, we have in place our own internal rules we adhere to.
  • We promote sustainable development and take into consideration the environmental, economic and social aspects of our operations both in our daily work and in our long-term business development. 
  • We live our values every day: we are trustworthy, innovative and highly professional.

We want to be regarded as a professional business partner and will only deal with reliable suppliers and partners. We prefer long-term relationships and make all essential agreements in written form.

  • Tikkurila does not tolerate any form of bribery or corruption or similar unethical influence.
  • Tikkurila and its employees and agents shall never offer, solicit or accept a bribe in any form. 
  • The employees are not allowed to accept or offer any material benefits or entertainment, with the exception of normal business gifts and hospitality. 
  • Tikkurila’s business partners shall comply with anti-bribery laws and regulations. They are not allowed to offer Tikkurila’s employees or representatives nor accept from other third parties bribe in any form.

We avoid situations where our employees’ private interests conflict with Tikkurila's interests.

  • Employees should never seek personal benefit by taking advantage of their position or Tikkurila’s property or information. The same applies to the family or friends of an employee and any other company in which the employee has an interest. 

Tikkurila competes fairly within the framework of applicable competition laws in all markets.

  • Tikkurila refrains from entering into or carrying out illegal information exchanges, practices or agreements with competitors such as fixing prices, dividing territories or allocating customers.
  • Tikkurila will only gather competitor information in a fair and legal manner through publicly available sources. 
  • All Tikkurila’s business partners shall comply with applicable antitrust laws and the above mentioned principles.

We build our success on inspired and motivated employees and want to promote their well-being. In employment and work practices, we respect the principles of equal opportunity and equal treatment without regard to gender, ethnic or national origin, age, religion, political opinion or social status.   

  • Tikkurila respects and complies with internationally acknowledged human rights.
  • Tikkurila will not use forced labor or child labor. 
  • Any kind of harassment is strictly forbidden in the workplace.
  • Tikkurila respects the right of all employees to join trade unions and other associations. 
  • Tikkurila requires its business partners to comply with the human rights and equality principles.

We offer high-quality, safe and sustainable solutions to our customers. Occupational health and safety are at the core of caring for the well-being of our employees. We also care about the health and safety of our customers and the environment. We continuously work to minimize the environmental impact of our operations and products, paying increased attention to raw material choices and life cycle thinking in our product development and the solutions we offer.

  • Tikkurila's business partners shall take care of the implementation of effective health, safety and environmental management practices in their business.

All employees are responsible for the proper protection of Tikkurila’s assets including physical property, financial assets, intellectual property, and any confidential information.

  • Company assets shall not be used for personal purposes, in support of non-Tikkurila business or activity or any party-political purposes.

Non-public information about Tikkurila and its business partners must be kept secret and be protected against unauthorized access. Tikkurila will acquire and retain employee personal information only for the needs of personnel administration and personnel development. Access to non-public and personal data is limited.

  • Employees may not disclose or use non-public information about Tikkurila and its partners for their own benefit or the benefit of any party other than Tikkurila.
  • Tikkurila's business partners are required to safeguard any confidential and non-public information concerning Tikkurila, its business operations or customers.


Report violations

If you face non-compliance of our Code of Conduct or illegal business practices, report the violations through Tikkurila Group’s anonymous reporting system: