Our aim is to provide up-to-date and comprehensive information of Tikkurila as an investment.

Trading of the Tikkurila shares on the Helsinki Stock Exchange started on March 26, 2010. It resulted in a new consumer product brand company being included on the Helsinki stock exchange and in nearly 30,000 new shareholders for Tikkurila.  The taxable value and purchase price for share dividend received in connection to the listing is EUR 15.80 (volume weighted average price on the first listing day).

Financial calendar for 2019

Feb. 12

Financial statement release for 2018

Mar. 26 Silent period (closed window)

Apr. 25

Business review for January-March 2019

Jun. 5

Capital Markets Day 2019

Jul. 9 Silent period (closed window) 

Aug. 8

Half year financial report for January-June 2019

Sep. 10 Roadshow in London, with Carnegie
Sep. 27 Roadshow in Stockholm, with Danske Bank
Sep. 29 Silent period (closed window) 

Oct. 29  

Business review for January-September 2019

Nov. 13  Roadshow in Brussels and Amsterdam, with SEB

Financial Calendar for 2020