Stock exchange releases

Orkla has sold all its shares in Tikkurila (Announcement pursuant to Securities Market Act, Chapter 2, Section 10)

Tikkurila Oyj
Stock Exchange Release
August 16, 2012 at 4.00 p.m. (CET+1)
Tikkurila Oyj (business ID 0197067-4) has received a notification, based on the
Securities Markets Act, from Orkla ASA (ISIN NO 0003733800) on August 16, 2012.

Orkla ASA's holding in shares of Tikkurila Oyj has fallen today below 1/20 (5%),
and the current holding of Orkla in Tikkurila shares is 0 percent.

Prior to the triggering transaction, the holding of Orkla amounted to 2,876,937
Tikkurila shares, which corresponded to 6.5 percent of the total amount of
shares and votes in Tikkurila.

The percentages of shares and voting rights have been calculated in proportion
to the total number of shares registered with the Trade Register and the total
number of voting rights related to them. The share capital of Tikkurila Oyj is
EUR 35,000,000.00 and it is divided into 44,108,252 shares. The company has one
series of shares, and each share entitles to one voting right.

Tikkurila Oyj
Jukka Havia, CFO

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Tikkurila Oyj
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