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Tikkurila's Business Review for January-March 2018


Tikkurila Oyj
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April 25, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. (CET+1)

Tikkurila's Business Review for January-March 2018

Tikkurila's revenue for the first quarter decreased by 5.1 percent to EUR 130.1 million (1-3/2017: EUR 137.1 million). Adjusted operating profit totaled EUR 3.6 (5.2) million, i.e. 2.8 (3.8) percent of revenue.

"Our revenue fell in the first quarter due to poor development in SBU East. SBU East's revenue declined mainly due to lower Russian sales volumes, the weakening of the ruble and the divestment of the Balkan business. The lower demand in Russia was affected by the consolidation of retail chains and the cold spring, which has delayed, among other things, the launch of infrastructure projects.

SBU West's volumes increased, especially in Poland. In the Nordic countries, the later arrival of spring, differences in the timing of pre-season orders and fewer trading days because of Easter had a negative impact on sales volumes. The weakening of the Swedish krona also reduced euro-denominated revenue.

Our profitability and margins were lower due to significantly higher raw material costs. The situation continued to be challenging as raw material prices kept rising, albeit slightly more slowly than last year. We also had problems with the availability of raw materials. Last year's increases in sales prices were not enough to compensate for the price inflation of raw materials. Fixed expenses were lower than in the previous year due to cost savings, lower ERP implementation costs, the exchange rate effect and the divestment of the business in the Balkans.

We will boost our revenue during the coming summer peak season. Our supply chain reliability is at its normal level and the market situation is good. Sales price increases have been implemented during the first quarter in our key markets, and further actions are planned for the remaining of the year to offset the significant raw material inflation. The optimization of the product portfolio and the production and logistics network as well as significant measures to improve cost efficiency will be continued this year", says CEO Elisa Markula.

Key figures

(EUR million) 1-3/2018 1-3/2017 Change %
Group data    
Revenue 130.1 137.1 -5.1%
Adjusted operating profit 3.6 5.2 -31.0%
Adjusted operating profit margin, % 2.8% 3.8%  
EPS, EUR -0.05 0.13 -137.9%
Net Interest-bearing liabilities (at period-end) 133.8 89.2 49.9%
Total equity (at period-end) 173.5 217.4 -20.2%
Total assets (at period-end) 471.7 486.1 -3.0%
Segment data      
SBU West revenue 100.5 99.0 1.5%
SBU West adjusted operating profit 7.3 7.1 3.2%
SBU East revenue 29.6 38.1 -22.3%
SBU East adjusted operating loss -2.7 -1.0 -166.0%
Revenue by country      
Sweden 35.7 36.6 -2.5%
Russia 21.0 26.2 -19.8%
Finland 26.9 28.4 -5.2%
Poland 21.2 16.5 28.5%

Financial development in January-March 2018

Lower sales volumes decreased Tikkurila Group's revenue in the first quarter by 3 percent. Several foreign exchange rates, particularly the Russian ruble and the Swedish krona, weakened against the euro and thus had a negative translation impact. Increases in sales prices had a positive and divestments had a negative impact on revenue. 

Profitability was weakened by the cost level, which was clearly higher than in the comparison period, due to the steep rise in raw material costs.

The lower profitability of the business and higher level of net working capital weakened the cash flow considerably during the period under review. Net working capital increased due to higher inventory levels and trade receivables. Due to these factors, gearing was also higher.

As a result of discontinuing the German business, a provision of EUR 3.6 million for liabilities has been recorded in the first quarter, reducing the review period's net result and EPS. The provision is not included in the adjusted operating profit.

Market share development in 2017

Tikkurila's market share in decorative paints strengthened in Russia and Poland. The market share in value in decorative paints decreased by less than one percentage point in Sweden to 36 percent and by 4 percentage points in Finland due to the delivery problems. In Finland, the market share of Tikkurila in decorative paints is more than 50 percent.

Guidance for 2018 intact

Tikkurila's revenue is expected to remain at last year's level and adjusted operating profit to improve.

Tikkurila Oyj
Elisa Markula, CEO

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