Supplier management

In the supplier chain, the manufacture of raw materials and packaging materials, partner selection, and effective and reliable co-operation with partners have the greatest impact on Tikkurila's business, success and profitability, as well as the realization of social and environmental responsibility.
Supplier management


We set high standards for the cooperation between Tikkurila and its suppliers as well as for all purchased raw materials, other goods and services. Our aim is to ensure that our partners operate responsibly in accordance with our Code of Conduct and fulfill our requirements on quality, safety, environmental and social responsibility. Furthermore, we aim to identify, manage and minimize the environmental and social impacts of our supplier chain.

We only cooperate with suppliers that have been approved by our principles for supplier collaboration and make a group-level agreement with our most significant suppliers. Our principles, based on our values, Code of Conduct and Corporate Responsibility program, for supplier collaboration define our expectations with regards to quality, safety and the environment as well as to procurement matters from the selection and assessment of suppliers to the continuous improvement of the cooperation.

Tikkurila monitors and assesses the supplier collaboration on a regular basis through evaluation and auditing processes. The audits and evaluations look into the suppliers’ order, delivery and production processes, quality control measures, environmental and safety protocol as well as the suppliers’ social responsibility and ethical business practices, such as their practices with regard to human rights, bribery and anti-corruption. 


Briefly about suppliers

  • Tikkurila Group has approximately 500 local and international raw material and packaging material suppliers.
  • More than 90% of the raw materials and packaging materials for Tikkurila's units in the EU are bought from the EU region.
  • In Russia, more than 60% of all raw materials and packaging materials are bought from local suppliers.

Briefly about supplier cooperation

  • By the end of 2018, 45 (43) % of raw material and packaging material purchases were covered with the Group agreement. 
  • During 2013–2018, Tikkurila has audited 47 suppliers.